Best 100 Public Domain Quotes Of All Time - Collection 04

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Real difficulties can be  overcome, it is only the  imaginary ones that  are unconquerable - Theodore N. Vail
Nothing is impossible to a  willing heart - John Heywood
The only sure way to avoid  making mistakes is to  have no new ideas - Albert Einstein
You may not get  everything you dream  about, but you will never  get anything you don't  dream about - William James
Time flies over us, but  leaves its shadow behind - Nathaniel Hawthorne
He who has health, has  hope; and he who has hope,  has everything - Thomas Carlyle
I'm not afraid of failure;  I'm afraid of succeeding at  things that don't matter - William Carey
The idea does not belong  to the soul; it is the soul  that belongs to the idea - Charles Sanders Peirce
Hatred does not cease by  hatred, but only by love;  this is the eternal rule - Gauthama The Lord Buddha
Life isn't about finding  yourself. Life is about  creating yourself - George Bernard Shaw
The future comes slowly,  the present flies and the  past stands still forever - Friedrich Schiller
The freedom of all is  essential to my freedom - Mikhail Bakunin
If horses had Gods, they  would look like horses - Xenophanes
Love inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way - Mary Baker Eddy
The person attempting to  travel two roads at once  will get nowhere - Xunzi
Suspicion is the cancer  of friendship - Petrarch
Maybe you are searching  among the branches, for  what only appears in  the roots - Rumi
A wise man hears one word  and understands two - Edgar Allan Poe
In every walk with Nature  one receives far more than  he seeks - John Muir
If you shut up truth, and  bury it underground,  it will but grow - Emile Zola
The fallen angel becomes  a malignant devil - Mary Shelley
Without music, life would be a mistake - Friedrich Nietzsche
Doing little things well is a  step toward doing big  things better - Vincent Van Gogh
If you want to make  enemies, try to change  something - Woodrow Wilson
As soon as you trust  yourself, you will know  how to live - Johann Wolfgang von  Goethe
My great concern is not  whether you have failed,  but whether you are  content with your failure - Abraham Lincoln
The only time you run  out of chances is when you  stop taking them -  Alexander Pope
No amount of evidence  will ever persuade an idiot - Mark Twain
The door of the human  heart can only be opened  from the inside - William Holman Hunt
Every drop of rain hits its  appointed target - John Newton
The more certain our  knowledge the less  we know - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich  Hegel
People love to be nice, but  you must give them  the chance - Pierre-Auguste Renoir
God gave us mouths that  close and ears that don't.  That must tell us  something - Eugene O'Neil
The tree that would grow  to heaven must send its  roots to hell - Friedrich Nietzsche
When deeds speak, words  are nothing - Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
By silence, I hear other  men's imperfections  and conceal my own - Zeno of Elea
What is a holy person?..  The one who is aware of  others' suffering - Kabir
Love wants everything  without condition, love  has no law - Pierre de Ronsard
What a terrible era in  which idiots govern  the blind - William Shakespeare
Sight is a faculty; seeing  is an art - George Perkins Marsh
To stay youthful, stay  useful - John Keats
The past attracts me,  the present frightens me,  because the future is death - Guy de Maupassant
The well bred contradict other people. the wise contradict themselves - Oscar Wilde
It is very unfair to judge  of any body's conduct,  without an intimate  knowledge of their  situation - Jane Austen
Love betters what is best - William Wordsworth
Revenge is a dish best  served cold - Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
The beginning is always  today - Mary Wollstonecraft
Happiest are the people  who give most happiness  to others - Denis Diderot - Marquis de Sade
It is by loving and not by  being loved that one can  come nearest to the soul  of another - George MacDonald
The real voyage of  discovery consists not in  seeking new landscapes,  but in having new eyes - Marcel Proust
Earth provides enough to  satisfy every man's needs,  but not every man's greed - Mahatma Gandhi
When two forces unite,  their efficiency double - Isaac Newton
There are some things you  learn best in calm, and  some in storm - Willa Cather
Whatever you are, be a good one - Abraham Lincoln
Every cloud has a silver  lining - John Milton
One moment can change  a day, one day can change  a life, and one life can  change the world - Gauthama The Lord Buddha
If you want the present to  be different from the past,  study the past - Baruch Spinoza
Look at life with the eyes  of a child - Kathe Kollwitz
The worst that a man can  do to himself is to do  injustice to others - Henrik Ibsen
Confidence is the present  tense of hope - Soren Kierkegaard
The most difficult thing in  life is to know yourself - Thales
It is better to be alone than in bad company - George Washington
No price is too high to pay  for the privilege of owning  yourself - Friedrich Nietzsche
The art of knowing is  knowing what to ignore - Rumi
If you wish to avoid seeing  a fool, you must first  break your mirror - Francois Rabelais
Children find everything in  nothing, men find nothing  in everything - Giacomo Leopardi
Happiness is a butterfly,  which when pursued, is  always just beyond your  grasp, but which, if you  will sit down quietly,  may alight upon you - Nathaniel Hawthorne
life isn't easy, but dreams  keep you alive - John Muir
The best way to make your  dreams come true is  to wake up - Paul Valery
It is after you have lost  your teeth that you  can afford - Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Every moment is a  fresh beginning - T. S. Eliot
If one thinks that one is  happy, that is enough  to be happy - Madame de La Fayette
Why do you complain of  your fate when you could  so easily change it? - Marquis de Sade
Only great minds can  afford a simple style - Stendhal
Worrying is like paying a  debt you don't owe - Mark Twain
I am not afraid. I was born to do this - Joan of Arc
No problem can be solved  from the same level of  consciousness that  created it - Albert Einstein
A man would do nothing  if he waited until he could  do it so well that no one  could find fault - John Henry Newman
He who hasn't tasted bitter  things hasn't earned  sweet things - Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Have a heart that never  hardens, and a temper  that never tires, and  a touch that never hurts - Charles Dickens
I'll go anywhere as long as  it's forward - David Livingstone
If you light a lantern for  another, it will also  brighten your own way - Nichiren
The money you have gives  you freedom; the money  you pursue enslaves you - Jean Jacques Rousseau
You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection - Gauthama The Lord Buddha
The large majority of  people are asleep and  do not wish to wake up - Vincent van Gogh
He who fights, can lose.  He who doesn't fight,  has already lost - Bertolt Brecht
Always laugh when you  can, it is cheap medicine - Lord Byron
If everyone is thinking  alike, then no one is  thinking - Benjamin Franklin
Attack the evil that is  within yourself, rather than  attacking the evil that  is in others - Confucius
Those who cry the loudest  are not always the ones  who are hurt the most - Aesop
Pride and excess bring  disaster for man - Xunzi
Who loves a lot, forgives  a lot - Amado Nervo
Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body - Joseph Addison
The sight of a coward's  blood can never make  a warrior tremble - James F. Cooper
Be the sun and all will  see you - Fyodor Dostoevsky
To give pleasure to a  single heart by a single act  is better than a thousand  heads bowing in prayer - Mahatma Gandhi
The real voyage of  discovery consists not in  seeking new landscapes,  but in having new eyes - Marcel Proust
Fall if you will, but rise  you must - James Joyce

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